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Benchwarmers Coming to the Cobblestone

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The Cobblestone District is taking one more step towards becoming a destination place in downtown Buffalo. The latest addition to the mix of offices and restaurants is called Benchwarmers. The dedicated sports bar will be the type of place where someone can choose from an assortment of one-pound burgers while checking out multiple tv screens featuring a wide variety of sporting events. Developer Sam Savarino was excited about the 3500 square foot sports' venue moving into the district. "This will be great for the Cobblestone District. It's one more draw to the area, and should work well with its neighbor, WJ Morrisseys Irish Pub. The more there is to do here, the more people will come to the district."

Benchwarmers does not intend to be just a seasonal sports bar. Of course hockey will be a major draw, but in order to make the restaurant work, Benchwarmers is counting on attracting anyone with a sports' bone in his or her body. "There's even going to be a small dance floor," Sam continued. "and the burgers... if you're into burgers this is going to be the place to go. There's even a burger with an egg cracked on top of it. It's well planned and the owners, Quinn O'brien and Shawn Bailey are really going all out... one of them has owned a sports bar in the past, and the other ran the Cobblestone Bar just down the street. So they are familiar with the area and have the experience to run the place. Like Morrissey's, Benchwarmers is going to have a brand new build-out that includes a front patio. For anyone who wants to get their fill of NFL Sundays, Benchwarmers will be the perfect place."

With the addition of Benchwarmers, the Cobblestone District is certainly filling out. A few doors down, the Benlin is coming along with new windows being installed every day. And between the upcoming addition of festival park and the ongoing work at the inner harbor, the offerings are certainly building. Even the Benlin will eventually offer another restaurant or coffee venue to complete the block. Cool stuff for a cool old industrial neighborhood. Now how ‘bout building a bridge at the end of michigan that leads to the outer harbor? That might be too much to ask for.
by Queenseyes


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