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Could you be one of the few, lucky urban dwellers to one day call 95 Perry 'home'? As Watts Engineers was busy cutting a ribbon this past Tuesday, building owner and developer, Sam Savarino was busy putting the final details on his new Cobblestone residence. Just down Mississippi Street at BRO headquarters, I have many-a-time wondered what it would be like if our building had been converted to residential, rather than commercial. Yesterday I finally got my chance to see what that conversion might have looked like - Sam asked me if I wanted to check out his swank pad, located at our sister building at the end of the block.

As I waited for Sam, I began to wonder what life would be like (around the clock) in this percolating part of town. Of course there are many more amenities to be found these days that greatly enhance the quality of life for the nearby residents living in the Elk Street Terminal. From the Swannie House to Emerald Beach, a short stroll can get you to and from a bunch of quality destinations. Lunch at The Hatch? Work out at a gym? Rent a kayak or a bike? Oh... and there's another little surprise coming up this week on BRO (not what you're thinking Sam), so stay tuned.

When Sam arrived (just a short walk from his office at 26 Mississippi while passing Benchwarmers Sports Bar and Morrissey's Irish Pub), I couldn't help but smile to myself as he walked past three groups of young people were busy taking advantage of the bars and the neighboring parking lots. Kan Jam season was already in full swing and there was Sam... a guy who had seen a vision for this district and who was now fully living the lifestyle that he, along with Avalon partner Chris Jacobs, had created. How many people can say that they helped to build the neighborhood where they were living? And since the majority of 95 Perry is commercial, there are only four other residential units. Only four? Now that's different.

The interior of Sam's pad is impressive... to say the least. By incorporating the old industrial cement columns and floors into the design, he has fashioned a look that respects the history of the district. At the same time, this is not your typical warehouse dwelling. The concrete floors look more like translucent tiger eye. The sealed brickwork pops with deep, colorful reds and browns. There is a certain organic-ness that permeates the dwelling. And it's quiet. I still can't believe how quiet the apartment is... at times I felt like I was on the 20th floor, not the 2nd. There is a certain charm that comes along with being a pioneer - it comes with the ability to find yourself wrapped up in a custom-built environment. The layout, created by Silvestri Architects with finish design by Jennifer Wenner, is a showpiece.

The available units range from a one-bedroom, just under 1000 sq.', to a spacious two-bedroom weighing in at 2200 sq.'. Price structure runs $1.20 - $1.25 a square foot. The larger residences have private patio access. The smaller unit has access to a communal cigar porch located just down the hall. Or, if that porch doesn't cut it there is a 'ginormous' rooftop terrace that is being designed by Watts Engineers. That rooftop feature is going to be incredible when complete - plenty of seating, lighting and planting features will make it one of the more finished and sought-after rooftops in the city.

Other building features and conveniences include private parking, free membership to on-site gym, security cameras, hi-tech calibrated heating, in-apt washer and dryer units, circulating hot water and a private entrance. There's not much more that you could ask for... and if you were to ask for it, I bet that it's already on the way. Me? I would have two wishes. I would like to see the neighboring DL&W terminal occupied, and more density built on top of the HSBC parking lots. Is that too much to ask?

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