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Green Watch: 95 Perry's Rooftop Patio

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It's been a year since a rooftop garden and patio area was installed at Savarino Cos. and Avalon Development's 95 Perry Street in the Cobblestone District.  So how did the plants tolerate a mid-summer planting and deep freeze over the winter?  Amazingly well according to landscape contractor and 'green' expert Dave Majewski owner of Premium Services.

"I have not seen the plants since spring budding; it is doing incredibly well," said Majewski.  "all the plants survived the winter with no problems.  It is doing better than expected."

The rooftop deck, with amazing 360° views of the Cobblestone District, inner harbor, and the downtown skyline, is surrounded with plantings.  It is available to the building's office workers and occupants of the building's five residential units on the second floor, all of which are leased.

"I spent some time up there this past week with Dharold West who is the maintenance person that also takes care of the roof garden," said Majewski.  "He has been doing a tremendous job."

Majewski explained that the rooftop landscape project was a challenge due to the wind and temperature extremes.  In the winter there can be conditions that reflect those of northern Canada one day and North Carolina the next.  In the summer it can be south Texas kind of weather.  In addition, Majewski said there is salt spray that drifts over from the skyway that imposes an additional challenge.

150 native and other drought-tolerant plants were used including:

  • Rhus Aromatica - Sumac
  • Myrica Pennsylvanica - Bayberry
  • Comptonia Peregrina
  • Cornus Siberica - Dogwood
  • Larix Larcina - Larch
  • Potentilla

"I am thrilled with the outcome of the roof," said Julia Spitz, executive associate of Savarino Companies.  "We added a gas grill this year and it has been a hit with our tenants.  Every office has had at least one party on the roof, residential tenants are grilling their dinners, and we are even having a charity event up there for Buffalo Prep in late August."

"The planters are full and lush, giving a beautiful border to the patio while simultaneously blocking the view of our rooftop equipment, said Spitz.  "Plus, you can see the plants from the I-190."

"Fourth of July was a very popular time for the roof," she said.  "Some of our office tenants and their families, along with our residential tenants, enjoyed the perfect view of the fireworks."

"This roof garden is a respectable alternative to a green roof system," said Majewski.  "Property managers should do something, anything, to address the heat island affect and runoff that rooftops create.  Moreover, this successful project helps to absorb pollution and purify the air."

"On my last visit up there, I noticed a handful of birds feeding on buds," Majewski said.  "No doubt that if one were to sit up there for a few hours, they would observe butterflies, insects and birds that would never have otherwise ventured up there."

"Kudos to Savarino and to Dharold for taking this seriously and following up on our specifications for maintenance," said Majewski.

Get connected: Savarino Cos., 716.332.5959; Premium Services, 716.432.2960


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