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Residential Project Announced for Buffalo River Site

FFZ Holdings and Savarino Companies have announced that they are planning to construct a 48 unit residence project on the Buffalo River in Buffalo, New York.

Buffalo River Lofts will be located at 441 Ohio Street. The 5 story building will contain 75 enclosed parking spaces, semi-private elevators, and tenant gardens. Each unit will feature two bedrooms with two full bathrooms and a balcony overlooking the Buffalo River. Plans include a wharf allowing for public access to the water.

The building will sit on the foundations of the former Erie Freight House which was the home of Great Lakes Paper Fibres Corp. Until last year when a portion of the circa 150 year old warehouse collapsed and the building was condemned by the City of Buffalo. Although the building recently received designation as a local landmark, third party professional studies recently undertaken by FFZ and Savarino concluded that the historical integrity of the building had been compromised by prior renovations, that the building was not structurally sound, and that restoration of the facility to anything close to its original condition was not feasible. FFZ and Savarino are planning on salvaging all undamaged timber framing so it can be put to good use on other projects.

Chantreuil Jensen Stark of Buffalo has been retained as project architect. Construction of the privately financed $15,000,000 project is expected to begin next year. 

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