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Buffalo Iron Works Forges Ahead in Cobblestone District

Buffalo Rising


Buffalo Iron Works is finishing up some last minute details in preparation for its opening this evening. The 500-person capacity music venue and event bar will capitalize on the live sounds of Buffalo bands (mostly free), as well as some out-of-town acts (sometimes ticketed).  When the live music isn't in session, the industrial bar/restaurant will play host to Sabres and Bandits fans before and after games, along with First Niagara special event nights.

Developers Sam Savarino and Roger Trettel, along with additional partners at Lagerhaus 95 (shared partners, services and some staff) have taken a building built circa early 1900s and preserved its historic character, while updating it enough to serve as a fully functioning destination in the Cobblestone District. In order to secure Historic Tax Credits, the integrity of the building remains intact, and only the old wood floors are missing, as they were not salvageable. The beams used to support the flooring were reused in the building of the service bar. Other reused architectural elements from this building and others were also incorporated into the design fabric of the venue. You can even see where the old overhead pulley system was, or pay close attention and you will find other artifacts of interest including some that are still being installed, including a massive copper cornice and an old brass elevator that will be suspended from the wood beams.

The food system at Iron Works is being set up similar to a food truck. Customers will order such things as poutine (seven different kinds), massive jumbo dogs (with hollowed out fresh loaves of bread for buns), and a number of other chef-inspired easy-to-eat pub delicacies. Iron Works roasts and smokes their own meats, and prides itself on obscure foods that you might only find on a themed food truck.

All in all, Sam Savarino tells me that this is just another piece of the Cobblestone puzzle - a puzzle that is beginning to actually materializing in ways that might help to spur even further development in the area down the line. Whatever happens next, I think that we can all be happy with the sorts of milestones that we are seeing today, in the form of tangible development of one of our most treasured districts (or at least what's left of it). It just goes to show you how important it is to preserve the buildings that remain.

Buffalo Iron Works | 49 Illinois street | Cobblestone District | Buffalo NY



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